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Case Studies

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The ledge is useful for keys, post and a vase of flowers. A vaulted ceiling always adds a sense of grandeur and the added volume makes the space feel larger than it is. These tiles are bespoke, at no additional cost. Taking the tiles onto the wall widens the space. The high window has been positioned to add light and maintain privacy. The oak coat peg matches the internal doors and the gold light fixing ties in the mixing of metals throughout the property.



The Brief: Design and build. Additional entrance space for shoes, bags and coats. Inviting, light & spacious & easy to maintain. Seating. 

The Design: The door was to be reused so it was important to consider how this would open into the space. Instead of blocking up the original window (on left) I used only one layer of bricks to create a recess area - this adds space to the immediate entrance which would otherwise feel too close to the wall. I also added a fitted bronze mirror to add to the depth here.

CBD TINT10.png
CBD TINT10.png


The Brief: Inviting, light & spacious. Must hide essential storage of coats shoes bags and utility equipment.

The Design: The floor to ceiling storage was built using a stud wall and plasterboard. This is always the cheapest way to build storage. Sky lights above allow the space to be flooded with light and oversized artwork and chandelier add drama to the space. The unique mirror is a focal point and the bookshelves were measured to accommodate different sized books and display items, which have been considered and arranged to add interest and personal touches. There is an occasional storage basket to keep the area tidy and a cosy rug to add texture. Additional wall lights allow for layered lighting. An otherwise neutral palette the blue add some interest and depth.

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The Brief: Renovation & rewire. Light, bright, modern, to take through teenage years. Desk & social area. 

The Design: Based on her memory of a programme with a princess & a window seat, this became the design priority to work around and it creates plenty of storage. Essential socialising space, this seat is functional and adds width to the room. The doorway was moved to improve the layout and space taken from a hallway to create hanging space. A small window was added to give more light & views, as well as a ledge for display and storage. Dual aspect makes any room extra special & the zebra fabric ties the colours & details together perfectly.

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CBD TINT10.png




The Brief: Industrial loft with glamour

The Design : Microcement throughout with a glamorous chandelier. The luxury of a huge space here - more photos to follow

The Brief: Impressive. Different but must fit downstairs aesthetic


The Design: The built in shelving is a great opportunity when building walls. 3 layers of mood lighting. I love the vertical pattern of the marble tiles and the oak with a live edge adds real warmth. The black metal ties in well to the rest of the house.

CBD TINT10.png
CBD TINT10.png