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Interior Design Service

ClairBdesign provides a professional interior design service.

Driven by a belief that every home should bring happiness by working efficiently and feeling beautiful, we think 'outside of the box'. We develop designs by exploring how you use your home, and how you want your space to feel. Making suggestions and sharing knowledge that will challenge you,

together we will improve your space, and create a home that works for you. 

Our design input ranges from a 'one-off' visit to give direction and advice, to detailed planning for a design and build. We will help you to make all

the right choices, producing visuals including 3D CAD as required. 

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About Clair

Clair has training from the prestigious KLC School of Interior Design at degree level, and also belongs to the British Institute of Interior Design.

Clair has worked on a variety of design and build projects and is experienced in working with architectural plans. Her career began  in Product Design and she is a qualified Art & Design teacher. 

Clair loves to share her knowledge and passion for good interior design:

"Too many people  live in spaces which they don't love, or that no longer work for them.

Good design changes lives - my skill is solving spatial problems through considered design and I love to solve problems! "

Based in Berkhamsted & servicing surrounding areas: 

Tring, Chesham, Amersham, Gerrards Cross, Beaconsfield, Aylesbury, Hemel, St. Albans, Harpenden, London

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I never thought I'd need (or really want) an interior designer but through finding Clair I have realised her input is so, so helpful. To be challenged, shown new ideas and driven not to settle for just 'nice' has been quite an eye opener.

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I feel lucky to have found a brilliant interior designer in Clair, who is experienced and trusted so that I can pass on the workload and keep the build on track. Having involvement at this early stage has meant that solutions can be built into plans, layouts and lighting, easily amended and space purpose-challenged before it's a done-deal.

Rebecca McGillycuddy, Berkhamsted

Follow my work @clairbdesign

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